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Easy Insurance Shopping - Insurance.com Review

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Easy Insurance Shopping

Insurance.com is fantastic! I was surfing the web looking to price car insurance and happened across insurance.com's website. I couldn't believe how easy the site makes it to find insurance quotes. The site is so simple to use I was absolutely floored by its simplicity. I also discovered that I could comparison shop for life insurance and health insurance all from the same site! Not only that but the site is absolutely loaded with information about how to handle just about every issue with insurance imaginable. Once I inserted my zip code I had no trouble finding the insurance quotes I needed. Instead of dedicating a couple of hours of my valuable time to hunting down the lowest insurance deals, insurance.com made it possible for me to whittled down my search time to a couple of minutes! I certainly appreciate things that make life just a little bit easier.

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  • 3.5 claims
  • 3.4 overall rating

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