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Less than ZERO rating - Humana Review

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Less than ZERO rating

I paid $43 each month for coverage. AT 2 year that is about $1030 that I paid with the agreement that I would receive compensation for dental work done. I had crown work and regular checks in the amount of about $2500. My reimbursement should have been about $400. I have received ZERO dollars. They lost my claim I sent. When I called, they said it didn't matter why, but once a year goes by they will not pay the claim. They lost the claim receipt and refused to pay because they were the reason for time lapsing! I've had 3 representatives promise to monitor my refund, email me on updates, etc. I email them and they will not email me back. This company is SHAM, SHYSTERS. NO ETHICS, NO feeling of RESPONSIBILITY toward customers who keep them in business, who pay their salaries.

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