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One of the Worst Mistakes Ever - Humana Review

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One of the Worst Mistakes Ever

Humana is ridiculously bad. I have already had to complain to my state insurance board about their vision plan. Now, I have to do the same thing regarding their dental plan. I chose a costly plan based on the benefit information they provided to ehealthinsurance stating that they cover bridgework with no waiting period. Waiting period? They now claim it isn't even a covered benefit. Period. Nothing on the ehealthinsurance website excludes it, and nothing in the Humana plan documents says that it is excluded. Humana out and out lied about the coverage on the ehealthinsurance web site, and didn't include any information on their own website indicating that bridgework was not covered. According to ehealthinsurance, there is nothing they can do to make Humana honor their obligation. To top it off, I am contractually obligated to pay this ridiculously high premium for no useful coverage at all for a year! I guess I have to honor my legal obligations, but they don't. I am done with Humana. If they turn out to be my only option, I will work with my dentist to see what can be done with no dental insurance. Frankly, if the medical community would make its services affordable, I would do without insurance completely.

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