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Preventative Plus - Humana Review

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Preventative Plus

Be warned. Do not elect automatic payments for any Humana insurance. Even when the policy has been terminated the deductions will continue. Humana will not refund this money. A. Humana dental covers very little if any of your semi annual routine dental cleaning. B.Humana dental DOES NOT cover periodontal maintenance. PERIOD. C. Ask your dentist if you have periodontal disease before signing up for any dental insurance. D. Humana will not cancel dental insurance upon your request. You must send a letter of appeal to the appeals department in Kentucky first, then wait 60 to 90 days. Once you have waited 60 to 90 days a letter of determination is sent to your address on file to let YOU know the appeal is denied and you must pay the contract in it's entirety. E.Of the $435.00 in premiums I paid for a year of coverage. Humana dental paid out $18.00 towards an ex-ray. My dentist does accept Humana and does file the claim however, it took Humana dental 6 months to pay the initial claim of $18.00. Humana delayed payment to my dentist. During this time I went ahead and paid the claim to stop the threatening letters from the dentist. D. Humana dental knows nothing about the Affordable Care Act. It has no affect on their services. You cannot cancel your dental plan even if you have elected coverage else where. period.

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