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Humana Dental PPO Rip Off - Humana Review

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Humana Dental PPO Rip Off

I have had a lot of different health and dental plans over the years due to frequent relocation, but I have never, ever seen such a lack of professionalism, poor service, incompetence on the phone, tardiness, and outright lying to the customer and the dentist on the phone as in the case of Humana. I have been waiting for cost predetermination for a dental procedure for more than 6 months now. According to my dentist's office, predetermination usually takes about a month with other insurance companies. Humana Dental takes 60 days and then, on the top of that, does not meet its own deadlines. 60 days became more than 6 months and still nothing. How difficult is it to determine a cost of procedure? The worst part is that they keep saying to me and the dentist's office on the phone that they have not received all necessary information for predetermination. The dentist's office gave them all necessary information from the beginning and now keeps resubmitting it; I gave Humana the information on the phone a couple of times. In private, the dental offices disclose that that's what Humana Dental does - delaying the paperwork to get more monthly payments from the subscriber (or customer) before denying their claims.

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