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HealthPartners have been leaders in the health insurance industry since 1957. Their many products offer affordable, high quality health care services and insurance to both families and individuals. HealthPartners have had the ongoing goal of ensuring that they continually provide their customer a high level of quality and service by providing solid health care coverage on a consistent basis.

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HealthPartners works along with its network of healthcare companies and providers to ensure that their high standards and great level of services are always maintained and delivered.

HealthPartners have received a lot of industry recognition during the course of their work. These awards include being named “Highest Member Satisfaction among Commercial Health Plans in the Minnesota-Wisconsin Region” from J.D. Power and Associates. They have also been cited as one of America’s Best Health Plans by U.S. News & World Report. The National Committee for Quality Assurance has awarded HealthPartners an “Excellent” rating.

A Synopsis of HealthPartners Services
HealthPartners has a wide range of health care products available to its customers. The HealthPartners programs have all been put together with the goal of giving you all of the coverage that you need for both routine and emergency medical care.

HealthPartners offers four major groups of health insurance programs: Traditional plans, Empower plans, Three for Free plans and Short Term plans. HealthPartners also give you access to a network of over 650,000 health care professionals and 6,500 hospitals across the country. Referrals are not required to in order to choose your own doctor.

HealthPartners ensures that its members have affordable monthly premiums as well as a wide range of deductibles. HealthPartners also cover 100% of the costs for well-child check- ups and immunizations. Prescription drug plans and wellness discounts for fitness club memberships and other recognised healthy lifestyle programs are also part of the HealthPartners offerings.

The HealthPartners Traditional Plan offers health insurance for preventative care, routine and emergency medical care, in-patient and out -patient hospital care, prescription drugs and dental emergency care.

HealthPartners members have the use of a large nationwide network of healthcare providers and hospitals. They also have access to wellness programs including 10,000 Steps which works to promote regular daily exercise which reduces the chances of heart attack, diabetes and high blood pressure.

HealthPartners offers a Coaching by Phone program that is a telephone based, individually tailored course to enable members to live healthier lives. The subjects covered include: lowering cholesterol, losing weight, stress reduction and coping with back pain.

Health discounts are offered to HealthPartners members. This discount program can be used for health club memberships, Weight Watchers, the purchase of home exercise equipments and many other wellness related goods and services. The deductibles for this HealthPartners program range between $1,000 and $10,000 with co-insurance rates of 80% to 100% after the deductible has been met.

The Empower HSA plan is a high deductible health insurance option that gives you the option of having Health Savings Account that runs alongside your HealthPartners plan. With this HSA you save money to use to cover your medical expenses including both routine and emergency care. The benefits of the HealthPartners Empower plan are very similar to those of the HealthPartners Traditional plan.

The HealthPartners Health Savings Account gives you more control over the amount of money that you spend, as well as what you save. It has some great tax advantages as well. Regular contributions are made to the Health Savings Account and then the tax free funds in the account are used to cover routine and emergency medical expenses. The HealthPartners Health Savings Account lets you choose how and when to spend the money in your account. There are 80% and 100% plans that have deductibles that range between $1,200 and $11,200 for in network services.

HealthPartners Three for Free program offers its subscriber’s three free doctors office visits per year. The first $200 of preventative health care expenditure is covered in full and there is even a $5 co-pay offered for generic prescription costs. The first emergency care visit, including any necessary lab work and x-rays are also completely covered after the initial $250 co-pay has been met. The HealthPartners Three for Free individual plan has wellness components in it as well. Deductibles range between $4,000 and $10,000 per year depending on which option you choose.

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Two Years And Still Waiting

Jan 08, 2013 by Anonymous

I have a two year old bill. HealthPartners is still unresponsive to my request for an explanation of benefits as required by supplementary. They have no reason to hold up the process.

Insurance USA , USA 2.0 2.0 1 1 I have a two year old bill. HealthPartners is still unresponsive to my request for an explanation of benefits as required by supplementary. They have no reason to hold up the proce