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HealthNet, Inc is one of the leading publically traded managed health care companies in the United States. The main aim of HealthNet is to make sure that all of its subscribers are pleased, secure and satisfied with the plans that they have chosen.

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HealthNet has many diverse options for perspective clients to choose from. With a large number of diverse options HealthNet has a plan that is appropriate for everyone. These options include a POS, HMO, an insured PPO as well as government contract subsidiaries which provide health insurance coverage to almost 6.6 million people living in 27 different states as well as the District of Columbia. These programs are available to individuals as well as groups and also include: Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE options.

HealthNet includes a behavioural health services subsidiary which is called MHN. MHN runs substance abuse and employee assistance programs (EAPs). They provide behavioural health insurance to close to 7.3 million individuals in multiples states.

Managed health care products including prescription drug plans are offered by several of the HealthNet subsidiary companies. HealthNet also offers administrative services for self funded benefit programs and medical groups.

A Summary of HealthNet Insurance Plans
The HealthNet PPO plans are a great option for individuals who want to be able to see a specialist without needing to gain a referral from their PCP (Primary Care Physician. These plans give you the option to see any doctor you wish and also give you lower co-payments and co-insurance if you opt to use an in-network doctor. Deductibles for HealthNet PPO plans range from $500 to $5,000 and there is also an in-network co-insurance of 80%.

HealthNet HMO Plans are designed to make your health costs more predictable. They also give you the security of knowing that one doctor will help you to co-ordinate all of your medical care. Health Net HMO Plans offer a set co-payment charge for: doctors visits, diagnostic tests as well as prenatal care. The HMO plans also have a prescription drug component, preventative care coverage and worldwide emergency care coverage.

HealthNet offers a High Deductible (HAS-Compatible) PPO plan that provides many high quality services to its subscribers. The benefits of this HealthNet program include: preventative care, low monthly premiums, and the ability to choose your own health care providers with no referral needed.

The HealthNet Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax fee means of saving, investing and paying for medical expenses that are needed over the course of the year. Any unused funds in the account at the end of the year roll over on an annual basis. The deductive on a HealthNet HSA plan range from $1,750 to $2,600 for individuals to $3,500 to $5,150 for families on an annual basis.