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Hawaii Medical Service Association

Company Overview
Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) strives to bring its subscribers a higher quality of life by providing promoting good health through excellent healthcare. They continually reach out to provide the highest level of care they possibly can. HMSA’s mission is to be the state’s “overwhelming choice in health plans and services by delivering unmatched value through innovation, exceptional quality, unparalleled service, and well-earned trust.”

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The HMSA established its headquarters on Oahu in 1935 and began servicing 671 members in 1938. Over the proceeding decades, the company underwent tremendous growth.

In the forties, it joined the Blue Shield Association and by 1948, had 30,000 members. In the sixties, the company was offering drug, dental, and vision plans and had acquired 350,000 members.In 1978, was covering more than half the state’s population.

By the eighties, HMSA was certified to offer federally-qualified HMOs and in 1990, the company joined the Blue Cross Association to become Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Hawaii. Today, HMSA insures over 600,000 individuals and is the main choice of the state’s residents.

Current Organization
HMSA is an independent member of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. HMSA is the largest healthcare coverage provider in the state and, established over seventy years ago, they are also the most experienced. Today, over half of Hawaii’s population chooses HMSA as their healthcare benefits provider.

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Hawaii Medical Service Association

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