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Poor Customer Service - Hartford Review

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Poor Customer Service

I didn't get my renewal notice so i called a week and a half before my auto insurance was due and they said they would mail my policy out and I would get it in three days. I waited for a week and never received the policy. So I called back and they said that the girl who answered the phone was new and told me the wrong information. She said i would not receive my policy for 2 more weeks. I told her that my policy expired in a few days and she said if you get stopped just have them. Call us and you will be covered. I got the bill about a week later and they raised my insurance by $550.00. I had a ticket 4 years ago in April for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign and turning right. I thought I came to a complete stop but you can't argue with a cop. I had another ticket in September of 2012 for making a left turn from a gas station. I warn all my guests that not to make that left turn and they said that they would have made it if I hadn't warned them. Here it is June 18 and I have still not received my policy even though I have paid my bill in full.

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