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Hanover Timeline

Hanover Insurance Is One Of The Nation’s Oldest Insurance Carriers.The Hanover began in 1852 as a Property and Casualty company, building success and respect over nearly two centuries. Now as the parent company of The Hanover Insurance Company and Citizens Insurance Company of America, we’ve changed our name to The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. This time-honored name will lead us through the 21st century as we build a world-class company focused on Property and Casualty products and re-energized to meet the needs of our local partners.

Over the years, The Hanover has provided high-quality insurance protection to millions of Americans, establishing one of the longest and proudest records in the industry. Since its founding, the company has managed through periods of economic prosperity and adversity, always meeting its obligations to its policyholders and Independent Agents while continuing to grow.

The first automobile insurer in the state of Michigan, Citizens Insurance has continually provided quality insurance products and services since its founding nearly 100 years ago. The company as it is known today was formed in 1974 when it became a part of The Hanover.

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Today, The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE: THG) operates as The Hanover Insurance Company, except in Michigan where we do business as Citizens Insurance Company of America. The Hanover, based in Worcester, Massachusetts is a leading regional provider of Property and Casualty insurance products for individuals, their families and businesses. The Hanover offers a wide range of Property and Casualty services through our extensive network of Independent Agents. Taken as a group, The Hanover ranks among the top 35 of over 900 Property and Casualty insurers in the United States.

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