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They Have a Loop Hole For Every Claim - Hanover Review

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They Have a Loop Hole For Every Claim

I have been with this company for about as long as I have owned my home. Never have had a claim until the last couple of years. a couple of years ago I lost siding time and time again during a period of high winds. I picked it up and repaired it over and over. Until the last storm when the siding became twisted and mangled. This is 8 inch aluminum siding that is no long manufactured. I was told by the claim adjuster that I ahad enough leftover siding in my garage to fix the damage and that they were not responsible for matching the color of the siding just repairing it. I got nothing. Next storm that blows threw and does damage is the big Ice storm we had this past winter. I lost my pool cover which pulled a basketball hoop filled with sand into my pool. Utimately resulting in a ripped liner and over $4000 in damage. Pool not cover by snow and ice damage, hmmmm what else is there in the winter. This insurance company will play the grey lines of there policy to NOT cover anything! Worthless insurance!!

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