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Their mantra: Delay, Deny and Defend - Hanover Review

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Their mantra: Delay, Deny and Defend

Their medical claims adjuster is telling my medical providers that my claim is closed even though they have only paid my emergency room visit and ONE of my providers $300 and has not paid me one cent of any of my pip benefits including wage loss, replacement services, mileage, etc. The adjuster is telling all my providers that my injuries "did not arise out of the use of the automobile". That is the only information they are providing to me. He told one of my providers that my claim was being denied due to pre existing injuries even though they were aggravated and refuses to pay for physical therapy or occupational therapy and recently told the billing person at Spectrum that although my claim is "technically open" that they can go ahead and submit the claim but that they will deny it. The OT was referred by script by my orthopedic surgeon because I am still on lifting restrictions and have not worked a day since the MVA. They required my GP to sit down with me and answer a whole list of questions for them yet they refuse to pay the bill for his time. The adjuster has been adversarial from day one and even though I disclosed that I had a fall 7 weeks before on the application and gave them access to my entire medical file, they put my claim "under investigation" and delayed payment for any of the MVA related bills for 90 days and then denied the claim a week before Christmas. Two days after the "denial" stating that my injuries did not arise out of the mva, despite all my providers showing evidence to the contrary, they paid ONE bill to the provider that put me on lifting restrictions yet denied over the phone my OT to whom he referred me. They also have yet to pay me one cent of wage loss over the last 6 months in spite of being on a work release from my doctor. The PIP laws clearly state that if an injury is aggravated or exacerbated in an MVA then the auto company is responsible to pay. Since they did pay for ONE provider and they told my GP billing office that they would only pay for the ONE injury related expenses and then a week later denied the referred service before they even got a chance to tell him anything. I have NEVER encountered such an adversarial adjuster who is supposed to be MY insurance provider for which I have been paying extra for PRIMARY MEDI

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