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Hanover Management

Frederick H. Eppinger
President and Chief Executive Officer — The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.

Edward J. Parry, III – Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Marita Zuraitis – President, Property & Casualty Companies, Hanover Insurance
Bryan D. Allen – Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Warren E. Barnes – Vice President, Corporate Controller
Mark D. Brissman – Vice President, Chief Actuary
Michael R. Christiansen – Regional President, Northeast
Alan K. Crater – Regional President, Specialty Lines
Douglas T. Eden – Regional President, Midwest
David J. Firstenberg – President, Commercial Lines, Hanover
J. Kendall Huber – Senior Vice President, General Counsel
James S. Hyatt – President, Personal Lines
Richard W. Lavey – Vice President, Chief Operations Officer
Douglas H. McDonough – Regional President, Southeastern Region
Mark C. McGivney – Senior Vice President, Finance
Robin A. Nicks – Regional President, Central Region
Andrew S. Robinson – Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy
Gregory D. Tranter – Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Ann K. Tripp – Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Hanover Insurance
John Urankar – Vice President, Claims
Mark J. Welzenbach – Vice President, Hanover Insurance

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