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We are a company who believe in getting things done, with our combined workforce of 4000 employees and 2000 independent agents. We have deep roots tradition of excellence, in order to ensure more individual attention in order to understand the intention of the local communities. The policy of our company has always been to perform, and are committed to make an intense focus, on doing things well as well as doing things with speed. The work is easy and helps to ensure the protection o your family as well as your business. Customers usually search for three qualities in case of insurance companies, these are considered to be local knowledge, responsiveness and also stability. We have several products, that include wide range of products of personal lines as well as commercial lines in order to meet the changing needs of the industry. These needs include the following features of Business Owner’s Policy | Commercial Package | Workers’ Compensation | Inland Marine | Bond | Specialty | Automobile | Commercial Auto | Home, Renter, Condominium and Dwelling Fire | Umbrella | Boat.

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There are many ways in which you can make your coverage suitable to your needs, and there are many policies that shall cover your needs also. We have many independent insurance agents who help you to make great personal and business needs. These agents carry on a lot of work and make research on the different insurance carriers. There are more than 2000 licensed agents, and professionals, which try to make a strong customer base along with the community ties. They are there to determine the specific needs, that provides you with excellent customer service, provides assistance in all claim related issues, and help you to keep up with your different insurance needs. Some of the agents of this company are considered to be the best agents of the country. However, the top priority of the agents is always customer satisfaction.

The company started its business in the year 1852, as a property and insurance company, which continued to prosper in the next two centuries. The company has changed its name to become
The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc, and this name will be leading the company in order to meet the needs of the local partners. In all these years the company has been providing high quality insurance protection, thereby making the country proud as being one of the best insurance providers. It was the first insurance provider in the state of Michigan, and has been providing good quality insurance products and services. Today, the company is based in Worcester, and is the leading provider of insurance and other services, through our extensive range of services. Today the company ranks among the top 35 companies of over 900 insurers in the United States.

Hanover History
The company was formed in the year 1852, in order to protect the interests of the homeowners, who faced problems in the fire of 19th century. The company soon grew rapidly and soon established itself in the world of insurance providers during the period of 1850s, and by the beginning of the 20th century the company started to expand its business in order to include automobile and marine insurance policies. The year 1929 saw a crash in the stock market, but there was a minimal impact on the company. Just after the world war there were many changes observed in the American business. In the year 1969 the company became affiliated to State Mutual and soon gained access to the new resources that was associated with product development, underwriting as well as data processing. By the year 1979 the company was outperforming, the other trusted names in the industry, and new products and services were being introduced along with the data processing systems.

By the year 1995 the company had become a public traded company, and renamed itself as All America Financial Corporation. All through the 1990s the company worked very closely with All America Affiliates, and made many efforts to improve its resources and products and services. It was during this time only that the company started laying emphasis on the traditional strengths of the company and also on the underwriting discipline. There were many challenges that were faced by the company when there was a hurricane

Hanover In The Workplace
Hanover has always worked with independent agents, in order to meet the insurance and property needs of the customers. The company has 2000 independent agents, giving access to various products. The company has a long-term history of success and clear strategic focus that are the hallmarks of companies with future performance. The only factors that are considered here are the quality, integrity and performance. You will be encouraged at our work with the co-workers and collaborators, with supports on different aspects of career development along with online courses. Our employees help in the maintenance of support with our employees and personal and family needs and goals.

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Windshield replacement

Feb 03, 2015 by Anonymous

This was done in a quick efficient manner, I highly recommend Hanover Insurand and Safe Autoglass

I Was Surprised It Was So Easy

Oct 04, 2014 by Anonymous

A rear window was shattered on my car. I called Hanover to submit a claim. There was no hassle. The Hanover Customer Service Rep transferred my call to Safelite Auto Glass. Due to my schedule, we had a difficult time scheduling an appointment. Safelite finally ended up coming to the house to replace the car window. The Technician was friendly, courteous, and professional and did the job efficiently. The best thing was that there was absolutely no co-pay or deductible.

Waited Until the Last Minute

Jul 15, 2014 by Anonymous

I was rear ended by one of their insured drivers. My car flipped into a ditch! Hanover waited until the last minutes to offer me a settlement. Literally the last minute of the statute of limitations. They claimed they didn\'t get the last fax from my physical therapy which was sent TWICE and could\'ve made my settlement much more. My physical therapy site said they sent it. Sounds pretty fraudulent if you ask me! I was told to take or leaver he settlement at the last minute. No warning the fax wasn\'t going through. So absolutely no physical therapy was covered for an accident where I was found in a car upside down by the police and ambulance where hanover a driver was at fault.

They Have a Loop Hole For Every Claim

May 15, 2014 by Anonymous

I have been with this company for about as long as I have owned my home. Never have had a claim until the last couple of years. a couple of years ago I lost siding time and time again during a period of high winds. I picked it up and repaired it over and over. Until the last storm when the siding became twisted and mangled. This is 8 inch aluminum siding that is no long manufactured. I was told by the claim adjuster that I ahad enough leftover siding in my garage to fix the damage and that they were not responsible for matching the color of the siding just repairing it. I got nothing. Next storm that blows threw and does damage is the big Ice storm we had this past winter. I lost my pool cover which pulled a basketball hoop filled with sand into my pool. Utimately resulting in a ripped liner and over $4000 in damage. Pool not cover by snow and ice damage, hmmmm what else is there in the winter. This insurance company will play the grey lines of there policy to NOT cover anything! Worthless insurance!!

Their mantra: Delay, Deny and Defend

Mar 14, 2014 by Anonymous

Their medical claims adjuster is telling my medical providers that my claim is closed even though they have only paid my emergency room visit and ONE of my providers $300 and has not paid me one cent of any of my pip benefits including wage loss, replacement services, mileage, etc. The adjuster is telling all my providers that my injuries "did not arise out of the use of the automobile". That is the only information they are providing to me. He told one of my providers that my claim was being denied due to pre existing injuries even though they were aggravated and refuses to pay for physical therapy or occupational therapy and recently told the billing person at Spectrum that although my claim is "technically open" that they can go ahead and submit the claim but that they will deny it. The OT was referred by script by my orthopedic surgeon because I am still on lifting restrictions and have not worked a day since the MVA. They required my GP to sit down with me and answer a whole list of questions for them yet they refuse to pay the bill for his time. The adjuster has been adversarial from day one and even though I disclosed that I had a fall 7 weeks before on the application and gave them access to my entire medical file, they put my claim "under investigation" and delayed payment for any of the MVA related bills for 90 days and then denied the claim a week before Christmas. Two days after the "denial" stating that my injuries did not arise out of the mva, despite all my providers showing evidence to the contrary, they paid ONE bill to the provider that put me on lifting restrictions yet denied over the phone my OT to whom he referred me. They also have yet to pay me one cent of wage loss over the last 6 months in spite of being on a work release from my doctor. The PIP laws clearly state that if an injury is aggravated or exacerbated in an MVA then the auto company is responsible to pay. Since they did pay for ONE provider and they told my GP billing office that they would only pay for the ONE injury related expenses and then a week later denied the referred service before they even got a chance to tell him anything. I have NEVER encountered such an adversarial adjuster who is supposed to be MY insurance provider for which I have been paying extra for PRIMARY MEDI

Discriminating Against Older Homes

Feb 03, 2014 by Anonymous

The only person that could say anything positive about this company on here would be someone working for them to make their name look better. Inspector came out and inspected everything but our private dresser drawers..made false claims about electrical which was done to code..and many other claims. Said he made numerous attempts to contact us when in fact he called twice and only left 1 message..called him back after that and left 2 messages and no return phone call. We he does finally come out..he acts like everything is fine and then about 8 months later we get a note in the mail stated our homeowners wouldn't be renewed. Would have never of switched to these people in the first place. Crooked is all I can say..discrimination against older homes..

Not True Replacement Value

Dec 07, 2013 by Anonymous

We have maintained renters insurance with Citizens Hanover since 2004 but never needed to file a claim. We recently had a water leak problem in the wall that we couldn't see until my wife started having respiratory problems. The water soaked through the carpet and padding and wicked into the bottom of our Pier unit and headboard of our wall unit bedroom set, also forming mold all over the bottom, where it could not be seen.
The water destroyed the bottom of the one pier and partially damaged the Headboard with mold. Our mattress was also affected by the mold spores.
Our bedroom Set consisted of the entire wall unit plus a long dresser, a tall dresser and two small lamp stand dressers. We paid about $4,00 for the set when we bought it, but Our set is no longer available; a comparable replacement set is now about $9,300, so the Insurance company offered to pay for replacement or repair of the one pier or a depreciated cost for the entire set. We argued that we did not want the mold infested furniture to remain in our home, and giving us replacement cost for the one piece would not help us because it is part of an entire set, and we cannot replace the set with the depreciated cost that they offered. We have a replacement value policy; however, they keep pointing out erroneous portions of the policy in an attempt to keep from paying the replacement value of our entire set. We are still duking it out with them but they are playing hardball, saying that they are done negotiating.

Had Payment Issues, Was Canceled On

Nov 05, 2013 by Anonymous

Hanover tried to take more money out if my account then the policy price and then canceled my insurance without notifying me causing me a DMV fee and they were difficult to get a hold of . They have may have been cheaper than Geico but you get what you pay for with them

Made a Mistake and Don\'t Care to Fix It

Sep 09, 2013 by Anonymous

Received a letter from the MA registry that my registration was to be cancelled. Called Hanover to find out they accidentally changed my billing address and my policy renewal etc. was being sent to the wrong address? They promised to fix this mistake and have a policy renewal sent out. Week later recieved the policy renewal but did not receive a bill. couple weeks later now received a policy cancellation from Hanover. Called to talk to a Supervisor, Manager anyone other than the High School kids answering the phone and got know where. The agent actually hung up on me. Called back and again got another run around and was told that there is no Managers available and all they can do is try and send me another bill.
All I wanted was to talk to someone who really cared and would be apologetic and understanding but got more run around.
I was a long time employee of this company and had assumed the rates were reasonable but did some comparisons and found another company that actually saved me $200.

They Didn\'t Open My Payment

Apr 04, 2013 by Anonymous

Hanover*s quarterly payment was mailed on time but their NC accounts payable office \' Didn\'t open my mail for 4 days ! It wasn\'t even picked up at the Post Office for three days!. Guess what !!!? they said I owed $25 a late payment and further.. wanted to cancel my insurance in 20 days.
After: being a customer.. for 16 years!

Insurance USA , USA 8.4 127.0 45 45 This was done in a quick efficient manner, I highly recommend Hanover Insurand and Safe Autoglass