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Group Health

Group Health Inc. offers a high quality, affordable health insurance to individuals and families residing in New York State. The company was started in 1937 and has had an ongoing aim of providing top notch service that is economical as well. Group Health Inc works in conjunction with healthcare providers. Together they encourage their subscribers to make solid and well informed choices with regards to their health insurance coverage.

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Quality and fast and polite service has always been the cornerstones of Group Health Inc insurance plans. Group Health Inc has long been a leader in providing cutting edge health insurance plans. They perpetually work to give their members economical health insurance coverage that is tailored to their individual requirements.

The Group Health Inc Alliance Value Plan offers basic coverage to both individuals and families. Services included are: basic hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage.

The Group Health Inc PPO Network includes over 98,000 provider facilities which means that is easy to find a physician who meets you needs.

Outpatient hospital services including day surgery and home health care are also part of the Group Health Alliance Value Plan as are maternity and routine nursery care.

The Group Health Inc Alliance 365 Day Hospital only plan covers both inpatient and day patient hospital coverage. The majority of New York City hospitals are members of the Group Health Inc Alliance 365 Day network. There are also out of network hospitals that you can opt to use while still being eligible to claim coverage for the majority of hospital costs.

With no co-insurance and not deductible, the Group Health Inc Alliance 365 Day Hospital-only plan offers you a great option for quality health care coverage.

The Group Health Inc. pharmacy plan offers prescription drug coverage to over 1.1 million New Yorkers. The Group Health Inc., pharmacy staff is dedicated to developing and administering a cost-effective, high quality prescription drug program. The team provide education and a high level of service to plan providers as well as plan members.