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Decent customer service

I've been with GEICO for 9 years. I had never had an accident, and my husband had only a minor parking ticket. Out of curiosity, I shopped around in the early years of having GEICO, and found it was by far the cheapest. Then I was involved in a hit-and-run. The other driver was found and cited. I learned that my old car did not have collision on it, so GEICO could do nothing to help me get the claims started, but they gave me advice on what I needed to tell State Farm (the other driver's insurance). Then after two months, State Farm FINALLY paid to fix my car. Two days after we got it back, the motor light came on, and we found it had a very big and expensive problem. We dumped it and bought a newer, used vehicle. Our insurance with GEICO skyrocketed! It went up $500 this year! We aren't sure how we can afford it. Our insurance only went up about $100 the previous year when we added my husband's SUV, so I can only assume that I am being punished for the accident that wasn't my fault.

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