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hard to deal with

My 2008 Ford Fusion was stolen and recovered by the police a week later. All of the inside was stripped or rip up. My keys were lifted out of my pocket, so I had to get a ride home that night. The next day I when to pick up my car, and it was gone. Philly Police located it after somebody call them about people breaking into my car again. I called Geico. Their rep asked my for my phone records, statement, and friend contact number. Everything she asked for, I gave her. On the phone record, I blacked my friends numbers the days before the car was stolen. The agent called my house and left a message saying the phone records were not good and I was hiding something. I'm the victim. My car was stolen. Why does GEICO want my phone record anyway. So I called the rep and asked her why the phone record? She won't not say anything or tell me how the report was going. Three months later and still nothing. I have called and called but get the run around.

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