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I have been with Geico since I first got a car when I was 16. My rate is high because of an accident 3 years ago, but that's understandable. I recently purchased a new car, and my fiance accidentally hit a parking pole with it, causing some minor/medium damage. I called Geico immediately and made a claim, and asked if I should go through my dealership for a tow truck but they said they would take care of it. The tow truck took almost 3 hours, when they said 45 minutes. Then I was told it would take almost a week to even get an adjuster to look at my car, even though when I look online it says someone has already been assigned to it, and It's already at the body shop just waiting to be taken care of. Every time I call, they tell me within 24 more hours. Plus, I can't get a rental car because I'm 23 and they are telling me It's going to take 3 weeks so I can't get to school or work for that long. Very upsetting.

4.0 Coverage
3.0 Cost
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  • 2.6 coverage
  • 2.7 cost
  • 2.1 service
  • 1.7 claims
  • 2.3 overall rating

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