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Best advice: Buyer Beware

I bought a Geico policy for my 2007 Nissan Frontier that also included the canopy as a separate item. I paid an extra $100 a year to insure the canopy for the $1500 it cost me. Last December I encountered black ice west of Spokane, WA, and the truck rolled and was a total loss. After I filed the claim I was told the canopy was only covered for $171. It was explained to me that it was simply part of the truck and would not be treated as separate. When I asked exactly what I bought for $100/yr they explained that if just the canopy had been damaged it would then have been covered for the full $1500, but not if the claim included the truck. In other words, Geico’s coverage would mostly be for damage sustained while the canopy was detached from the truck, such as a tornado or falling tree. My canopy was always on the truck, which is the reason I bought the extra insurance, and the saleslady knew this and didn’t mention any restrictions. I can’t think of too many viable scenarios where the canopy is totaled without the truck sustaining damage. Essentially they sold me $171 worth of coverage for $100/yr. After getting nowhere with the adjuster and his boss, I called the regional manager. In the end he offered $1000. I took the offer and accepted the $500 loss since I didn’t think it would get any better. I have waited almost six months before posting this review because until Sep 4 I still had a policy with Geico and I was leery of canceling since I was afraid that they would find some reason to cheat me on the refund if I canceled. The accident occurred Dec 20, 2013 and I bought another truck Jan 18, 2014. Geico then refused to refund the premiums for the four weeks I had nothing to insure. As the nice lady explained, in order to process my claim I had to keep my account open and in order to do that the coverage had to be continuous and in order for that to happen the money had to stay, and no, it is not possible to add the four weeks on to the policy for the new truck. Bottom line: they are keeping the money and I get nothing for it except an extremely transparent excuse. Ignore the cute commercials and the pleasant voices on the phone. Geico is a hard-nosed, greedy company that stretches ethical and legal boundaries when it comes to selling policies and honoring their side of an agreement. I was cheated out of $500 for the canopy and approximately $100 for the premiums that covered nothing. If I haven’t dissuaded you, and you do decide to go with Geico, and you have anything special to be covered, be sure to get it in writing. Once again, be sure to get it in writing. You’ve been warned. BTW I have cross-posted this review on other insurance related sites. Don't be surprised if you see it again.

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