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Geico 10% at Fault = Lie

I had a lady floor her car out of a parking spot and smash into the back of my Jeep on the passenger side. She was about 60 years old, she never took the sun visor out of the front or rear windows, and had an IV sticking out of her left arm and said she had just gotten out of the hospital and was heavily medicated. She had Geico for her insurance. They tried to tell me that both sides are at fault in every accident and that I needed to pay 10% of the repair to my Jeep. I told them no, I have Erie Insurance, have not had an accident in over 25 years and I will let them deal with you. I filed the claim with Erie, Erie took them to court to get reimbursed and the judge made Geico pay 100% of the claim. So don't get fooled by this lie.

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