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Adjusors Don't Like to Call Back

I bought a new car at the very end of November. I insured through GEICO because it was so much cheaper than every other insurance! I loved it! Mind you, I'm 19. Less than a month after buying my car, it stalled on me at a red light. It wouldn't restart, and I ended up having my rear end completely destroyed by a jeep. The vehicle was totalled and signed over to the police station. Since Dec. 27th I have tried time and time again to get ahold of my insurance adjustor. I was diagnosed with Syatica at the hospital, and reffered to a back/pain specialist. I was told I can't return to work until I see the specialist. I've also had to have an MRI. Everytime the hospital or my back doctor call, my adjustor doesn't return any of the phone calls or answer. So I'm stuck because I can't see my doctor unless the insurance company OK's the appointment. And if I can't see my doctor I can't work. I would give them negative stars if I could.

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