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Dishonest Representatives

I was hit by a Geico customer, and getting my car repaired has been nothing but a nightmare. It has been one month. Even though the woman that hit me was ticketed and totally at fault (my car was parked when it was hit) I have had to track down the police reports and documentation to prove that Geico should pay the claim. When they finally accepted liability, they sent me to one of their adjusters at a Geico repair center. They tried to badger me into having my repairs done there, even though I told them that I would not. I brought in 2 estimates, but the estimate that their adjuster worked out was like $400 less, and didn\'t include all of the parts that the other estimates did. When I questioned him about this, him said he didn\'t know what that part was, so he didn\'t put it down. (How can a claims adjuster not know the parts of a car???) The adjuster was rude, condescending, and kept pushing me to take a rental car, which I did not need. I told him this, but he said he was going to give me one anyways. I told him I didn\'t want one, and the car rental place called me so quickly after I left that I now think that Geico is getting some sort of kick-back for lining up car rentals. All in all, I feel like I have been royally shafted. I have spent over a month trying to get my car fixed, missed almost 2 days of work because of this (which they will not reimburse me for) and have been shorted by almost $400 for the repairs on my car because the Geico adjuster doesn\'t know one part from another.

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