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Intentionally Avoiding Making Me Whole

On 4/21/13 my almost new Equinox was t-boned by a Geico insured driver who was speeding. The other driver was preoccupied with her cell phone as she was driving. I contacted my insurance company who contacted Geico. After many, many difficult conversations, I was able to get my car repaired, my way, the right way. However, while my car was being repaired Geico claims supervisor refused to provide me with a vehicle equivalent to my Equinox, which, according to my insurance company and South Carolina Tort law I was entitled to. Every Geico employee I spoke with kept telling me that the accident fell under Michigan law. However, after much explaining, I was able to convince them that since the driver was a South Carolina resident, was driving a South Carolina licensed vehicle and the accident happened in the state of South Carolina, then the accident claim was subject to South Carolina law. Doesn\'t Geico train their employees? I have put in a claim with Geico to be reimbursed for the loss of value of my almost new vehicle due to the accident, which I substantiated through the dealership where I purchased the car, and two internet sources. This claim has still not been acknowledged and I am told that it will be any day now. I am a former Federal Government employee - the sector GEICO targeted as its initial customers. Two months and a minimum of 2 to 3 hours a week I have spent trying to get GEICO to make me whole. Good job GEICO. I make it a point to make all my contacts know of this ordeal.

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