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Raised Rate Then Offered To Lower When I Threatened To Cancel

I have been a customer for 20 years. In all of those years I have filed two claims. They raised my rate over 20% after the second claim and sent me a very nasty threatening letter when they did so. I called customer service and they said they couldn't do anything about the rate hike other then to lower it if I removed myself from the policy and just left my wife as a customer. I year later I called to advise them that we were dropping them. When I did so, they literally begged for me to stay, apologized about the rate hike and letter and even offered to lower my rates to the pre-claim rates. I told them they should have thought about this before they did the rate hike and sent out the nasty letter. Prior to this incident they were always pleasant to deal with, other then the fact that they always tried to steer you to one of their "preferred" auto body shops (which I used and they did sub-par work).

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