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Nothing But Praises

I recently had an accident where I rear-ended someone who had no brakes lights, no driver's license, or insurance. I had to have my car towed because of all the fluids pouring from under the car. I called the claim center and was met with amazing customer service which I needed because I was so upset. By 8am the next morning the adjuster was looking at my car and had it towed to our body shop of choice. They even made my reservation to pick up a rental car when I originally called in the claim. I am so heart broken because I thought my car was going to have to be totalled because of the extensive damage but since it was within about $100, the adjuster worked with me. HE WAS AWESOME! I got my car back and it began to run hot which was quite alarming. The adjuster put it back in the shop and within a few minutes had approved the necessary fixes since they had already put so much money into my car. He then approved for me to get another rental until the repairs were complete. I'm sorry that all of you have had negative experiences but I can only sing their praises. I had the same experience with a comprehensive claim last year. Geico, you get an A+ in my book!! Thank you for everything you done to help me!

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  • 1.7 claims
  • 2.3 overall rating

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