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Great Customer Service, Not-So-Great Price Tag

I was nervous about switching to Geico because I'd always been used to dealing with a single insurance agent and not a 1(800) number. However, the low premium for comprehensive and collision coverage was worth it (only $500 for six months). I was especially surprised and pleased with Geico's service when my husband got into an accident and just about totaled our car. Geico handled every aspect of our claim--from hiring the tow truck, to booking the rental car, to completing the repairs. However, I was extremely dissatisfied with my rates after the accident. Not only did my premium increase, it doubled ($1120)! Geico's rates are a sham and they don't fully explain how the rates are calculated (I called to find out). I entered in all of the same information online on Geico's site to get a new quote (accident and all), and the rate was only $721. Somewhere along the line Geico is not being fully honest, and I will have to take my business elsewhere.

5.0 Coverage
3.0 Cost
4.0 Service
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  • 2.6 coverage
  • 2.7 cost
  • 2.1 service
  • 1.7 claims
  • 2.3 overall rating

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