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Zero Rating If Possible!

I was in an accident. The woman hit me. Without any real information and within 30 seconds of my initial call to them, they said it was my fault. I told them that I would like to fight it because of the circumstances. The man didn't even want to deal with it and rushed onto the next question. They set up my towing and the body shop to take it for repairs. I tried to contact the adjuster for 2 and a half weeks. couldn't get her to return calls. Never answered the phone after about 3 pm in the afternoon. Finally my car was done. I picked it up and got it about 4 miles down the road, it started rattling and clanking and shaking around. It sounded like it was going to fall apart. We drove it back and had the shops production manager take a test drive in it. We were able to duplicate the sound and they heard it. The following day I received message that the production manager couldn't duplicate the sound and they were unable to hear anything to fix. They said if there was a sound it was a suspension bearing and wear on the tire. My car had NEVER made any kind of noise or rattle. I've never heard any car shake and rattle the way my 2007 did. Its a fairly new car. I am the first owner of it and take care of it. It was on the same side my car was hit and badly damaged. They continued to say that it is wear and tear on the vehicle and had nothing to do with the accident. They also said that the accident would have no affect on the suspension of the car. I called Dodge and they said that absolutely an accident could cause damage to the suspension. It seemed like Geico didn't want to pay for anything. I've been a customer of Geico for 10 years. I've had one claim and it wasn't my fault over 5 years ago. They are terrible and treat their customers like CRAP! I'm taking my car to another shop and i hope they find more damage from the accident and Geico has to pay.

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