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won't Return My Money

I used to own a car insured with Geico. I sold my car. When I called Geico to cancel my policy, they owed me a remaining balance. They claimed that they sent a check for the remaining balance twice to an address that is different from the my address on file, so I asked them to send it again and confirmed the address to them. Two weeks later, I purchased another car, so I called them to insure the new car, this time they asked me if I was married, so I gave them my future wife's name and was shocked that they added her to my insurance policy. A week later, I got the check of the remaining balance in both my name and my future wife's name on it. The bank refused to cash the check as it is not in my name alone. I tried to explain to Geico that my future wife has never been to the US and she has no Social Security number, but they still insisted that they cannot send me a check in my name alone. They want her to send them a paper from overseas authorizing them to give me my money back. I asked them to refund the money to the card and they also refused. I did not ask for my wife's name to be on the policy and they keep telling me that they want to protect her rights. Why is it always easy to take money, but hard to return it?

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