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Late Payment

I recently signed up for Geico insurance for my lease vehicle. When I applied, they quoted me a price and gave me a policy. After 2 months, I was out of work and was late with my monthly premium. They told me not to worry and I made the payment. A couple of days later I was informed by my lease holder that they had been notified by Geico that I only had liability coverage and nothing else. When I called customer service, I was told that they had found a "past due" amount on a previous policy and until I paid them, I could only get basic liability. This caused my lease holder to shut down my car until I had full coverage. This in turn cost me a job because I had no transportation. When I called the customer service rep and explained this to them they could care less. Then about 2 weeks later I received a letter from DMV saying that I had a lapse in my coverage and had to pay a $100 fine to reinstate my plates.

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  • 2.3 overall rating

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