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Claimed The Day After I Joined

I recently had my vehicle vandalized right in front of my house a couple of days. It resulted in an estimated cost of about $1500. After doing the normal procedures (taking pictures, making a police report...) I finally called to make claim. I had a small lapse between switching car insurances and the incident happened the following day after changing to Geico. A Geico representative reported that it raises a red flag. It was a coincidence that my vehicle got broken into the next day after transferring insurances. I faxed them the police report, made a recorded statement over the phone, and explained the whole situation. About a week later a Geico Investigator comes to my home and records another statement. I showed him the pictures of the vehicle. I tell him that my fiance is a witness. Then he asks me if i would be willing to give up my phone records. Even though I have nothing to worry about, this investigator made me feel like I was the perpetrator. It's been a week and a half already and Geico has not done one thing to help me with my claim.

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