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Haphazard Billing

I've had Geico for a couple of years and have made online payments on a regular basis. I never had a problem until a couple of months ago when my insurance was canceled and I was never notified! I just couldn't believe that, as a good and timely paying customer, this could happen to me. Thinking it was suspicious that I hadn't gotten a recent bill, I went onto the Geico website to see what the status of my insurance bill was. Imagine my surprise when I found that I couldn't log in to the site at all! Figuring that there was a problem with the website, I called the toll free number to speak with a representative and I was told that my insurance had been canceled for an entire week! I couldn't believe it - I was driving around for a week with canceled insurance. What's worse, I had to pay for the fees that I was slammed with from the DMV: eight bucks a day! If you're going to rely on Geico keep a watchful eye on your bill and if you don't get one, you are better of calling to find out what the deal is!

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