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confusion over reporting an accient

I got into an accident, which was not a result of my fault. This is the first and only accident that I have ever had. I went on the Geico website, logged in, and clicked on report an accident. It brought me to the "report a loss report". The first thing that says on top is "do not file this report if you are not planning on claiming damages," which I was not planning to because I only had a small bump, which is lower then the deductible. I called Geico customer services to make sure that I didn't have to file or report anything. The rep told me that I didn't have to do anything. He didn't ask my name or insurance policy number, so they didn't record the conversation. I didn't get his name either. Later on I got the letter that I'm being sued and Geico refused coverage b/c I didn't properly and timely report an accident.

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