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Inconsiderate Claims Reps and Denial - Foremost Review


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Inconsiderate Claims Reps and Denial

My sewer pipe froze due to several subzero days with no snow yet to help insulate things. I did my best to solve the issue by myself, not wanting to give the insurance company an excuse to raise my rates. My deductible is $250, so I figured I could work on my own until I bypassed $250 in efforts. We were unsuccessful in thawing the pipes and called Foremost. They didn\'t send an independent adjuster or anything to assist us, but left it up to me to find estimates. It was Christmastime, and we couldn\'t find anyone to come out. By this time we were scooping out sewage from one of the toilets so we could use it when we couldn\'t drive to a gas station. They didn\'t tell us that our policy covered hotels, and the Foremost adjuster KNEW all this, but still didn\'t tell us about the hotel option or send an adjuster. And then he closed our case saying repairs and labor should cost $230 since we were able to use one toilet, below our $250 deductible, even though we still had no sewer. We finally had a handyman come out to thaw the pipes, but he found that the pipes had now burst and there was raw sewage under the home. I contacted Foremost and explained everything and STILL he did not send an adjuster or tell us about the hotel coverage we had, but insisted we had to find a plumber. I finally found a contractor to come do an estimate to do the work. They sent me an estimate, but Foremost wasn\'t happy with it and wanted an itemized breakdown of expenses and a statement of cause. When they didn\'t get it by week\'s end, they again closed my case. Even though the handyman and the contractor had both confirmed that my sewer system was cracked and needed replaced, they didn\'t send an independent contractor or tell me I was covered to stay in a hotel if my home was unlivable, only that during the couple days repairs were being made would they cover hotel. I sent them pictures of my gross toilets, over-flowing sink with disgusting dishes, the damage to the floors from overflowed toilets and dishwasher... However, the original claims adjuster was out of the office and someone else got the mail. She took prompt action and called me, set up an appointment with an independent insurance adjuster and informed me that my insurance coverage covered a hotel and a food allowance until my home was livable, but that I had to pay for it and be reimbursed. It took a week for them to get the Independent insurance adjuster\'s report and then DENIED ALL COVERAGE because my pipes has been seeping for weeks. Of course my pipes had been seeping for weeks. I had been asking for help for MONTHS!!

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