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Constant Issues

Not only is their customer service disgustingly terrible, they screw up payments. We have only had a policy for three months; every single month we have had a problem with them. First month - the automatic payment was not taken out on the day we were assured it would be. We panicked and made a manual payment. We had an incredibly hard time getting that extra payment refunded, and somehow the account got behind. When we finally talked to someone that we thought would help, they assured not only me but my local agent that we would have a double payment taken out in September, and then our account would be fine. Second month - The double payment was NOT taken out in September. Supposedly we were supposed to make a manual payment too, but we were assured verbally that the payment would be taken out in full by auto payment. We were never informed otherwise. This month - They decide to take the double payment out this month, because they fucked up last month. We had budgeted for the double payment in September, and only had budgeted enough for ONE payment this month, as we assumed it was resolved. I lost my job recently so we have to be really strict with our budget, and this completely put us in the hole. Not only did my account overdraft because of their stupidity, now I am hit with $100 extra dollars in overdraft fees! Now our essential bills such as POWER to our house can\'t be paid, nor can I buy food to sustain my family.

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