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Low-Ball Total Loss Estimate - Farmers Review

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Low-Ball Total Loss Estimate

All was good until the unfortunate day when I had an auto accident. The oncoming car hit my hood very badly. I realized that the car was in no shape to be fixed. It was a 2009 Chevy for which I paid $15,000. I came home to file claim online. The Farmers' site refused to work and accept my claim. Frustrated, I later call the helpline to file the claim. Cheerfully I was asked to take the vehicle to either a Farmers recommended shop or one my choice. I reviewed the choices that I was given and took it to the recommended one. I got a rental too. A week later, the body shop determines that It's a total loss. The next day, a Farmers' rep visits the shop to list out damages for appraisal. He later calls me saying there were few damages, but that overall its fine. I ask him for report and get this PDF file with photos in it.. Most of the pictures were of small tiny marks which were hardly visible to the naked eye and also of dirt marks on the mats and seats. These pretty much looked like the marks left by body shop employees. Two days later, I get a market value report of my car. Farmers deducted $1,500 of my car's value due to those dirt marks on mats and the single spot on seat. Later in the report, they have listed 25 vehicles of similar type. 50% of the vehicles were at rock bottom prices which were either too far in some depressed towns or non-existent in dealers outlet. Farmers is offering me $11,000 for a 2009 model vehicle which every dealer in the city is selling for $16,000.

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