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Medical Bills Not Covered - Farmers Review

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Medical Bills Not Covered

My father was recently in an accident with one of Farmers Auto customers. He was hit from behind on his bike in the bike lane. He was wearing a fluorescent yellow reflective vest and had at least two lights flashing on the back of his bike. Two witnesses observed the accident and made their statements to the police--both stating that he was hit from behind in the bike lane. My father's wrist was broken on impact, and his leg was injured, but didn't require medical attention. The shock of the accident caused him to pass out after the first few minutes, so he was transported by ambulance to the hospital. They had to run some tests. His wrist had to be set and put in a cast. The medical bills added up to about $15,000. I was present for his initial phone conversation with the claims representative from Farmers. She was rude and demeaning. She asked an unnecessary amount of questions to try to find fault with him and his claim in any way possible and showed absolutely no compassion for his situation. Several weeks and calls later, Farmers paid the replacement value of his bicycle (not including all the upgrades he had made). It's been two months now, and Farmers is aware of the cost of the medical bills, but has made no offer and has paid nothing for his injuries. Due to Farmers failing to follow through, he is now being forced to require the money from his medical insurance and his own auto insurance, although he was in no way at fault in the accident.

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