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Poor Customer Service - Esurance Review

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Poor Customer Service

Getting a policy was easy. Just click and go. I got into an accident. The Esurance adjuster wasn't very helpful. I was promised many things and none of them panned out. She changed her story every other day and refused to answer the phone. Instead she insisted on calling me back at her convenience which was usually when I was at work. I brought this up to her and she told me if i wanted help I'd do it on her schedule. She requested witness statements, and badgered me for nearly a month to get her on the phone with the witness but wouldn't answer the phone when the witness was available. When I finally got the two together she told me that I had tainted the witness in my favor and said she couldn't use the statement. I asked her why she asked for a witness if she didn't want to talk to them. Worst customer support I've ever seen.

4.0 Coverage
3.0 Cost
1.0 Service
1.0 Claims

Esurance Ratings

  • 2.6 coverage
  • 2.4 cost
  • 2.0 service
  • 1.7 claims
  • 2.2 overall rating

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