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Worse Than Having No Coverage - Esurance Review

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Worse Than Having No Coverage

In a recent accident, that was not my fault (the 6 witnesses heard the other driver tell me it was his fault), I was told by Esurance that they would cover the cost of a rental car while they sorted things out with the other drivers insurance. Twenty days into the rental, the adjuster from Esurance was still sure that they would be able to work out the details. Since the accident was on private property (a parking lot) the police would not file a report, and told us they could only talk to the insurance companies. Thirty days into the rental, Esurance informed me that they would not cover her car, or the cost of the rental. Esurance also told us that they would not be pursuing the other driver (they were not paying anything). If Esurance had told us upfront that they were not going to cover costs, we would have pursued other options and saved in excess of $500.

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