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Offering $400 For My Car - Esurance Review

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Offering $400 For My Car

I hit a massive pothole while driving to work on day. When my car hit the ground I noticed my steering was off. I submitted a claim with Esurance, because I wasn't sure of the extent of the damage. It took them a week to send an appraiser. They guy they sent was personable. He took pics inside and out of the car and right there on the spot declares my car a total loss. He said my car is in fair condition due to existing damage. He urged me to file a claim for the existing damage so I'd get something back because he knew I was going to be hosed on the total loss determination. I do as he suggested. The damage happened a month prior from a hit and run at the mall. Everything is going fine until this morning they call me and state that they're not paying a claim on a totaled car. I explain that their thinking is circular. Had it not been for the hit and run damage, my car wouldn't have been deemed a total loss. Prior to the hit and run my car had a few minor dents, but nothing to the amount that it would have been a total loss. I am beyond upset about this. My classic car went from a possible 5400 KBB value to a $400 offer from Esurance. It would have been $200 higher, but I'm retaining the salvage.

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