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Way Too Much Complaining - Esurance Review

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Way Too Much Complaining

I am amazed at how many people complain about issues when they are the ones that neglected to read the purchase agreement. People complain about their accounts being automatically withdrawn without notice or their consent. In the purchase agreement, it clearly states payments are automatically withdrawn and they will receive notice via email. I also have a hard time understanding why anyone would expect any insurance company to keep a policy active when they haven't put in the necessary payment. When equity runs out on the policy, it cancels, period. People also complain about cancellation fees when they want to cancel before their renewal date. Again, all applicable fees are included in the purchase agreement. So many issues would be avoided if people actually read the purchase agreement. People also complain about increase in premium at renewal. Yes, it happens from time to time with EVERY insurance company. If you get into an accident, and the company has to pay out on it, of course the premium will increase. You're a riskier person to insure.

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