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Esurance Background
If you have not heard about Esurance, they are one of the fastest growing car insurance companies in the US.

Esurance is a direct to consumer auto insurance company, founded in the year 1999, and serves as a subsidiary of the White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd. Its main motto is to make an improvement in the way people shop, buy and also manage their auto insurance. The best way that technology can provide is combined with the know-how of the industry, and thereby the company boasts of providing some hassle free coverage along with customer service. The main aim of the company was to provide reliable auto insurance, with a high quality customer service, by providing the facility of excellent claim handling and also lower auto insurance rates. There are 22 states, in which Esurance operates: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

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Esurance was launched in the year 1999, when there was a massive rise in internet technology. It was the perfect time to launch the online company, with the sole mission of making auto insurance convenient to the user. This website received many accolades, and was soon rated as the most used web site in the category of auto insurance. Since this is an online insurance company, there are no middlemen involved and this helped to lower the operating costs as well as helped in providing lower interest rates.

More About Esurance
Esurance is an online direct to direct auto insurance company that provides hassle free shopping, for the purpose of buying and managing auto insurance. This company with the help of levering techniques and many other innovating processes help in the determination of environment friendly ways, so as to make a simplification of the auto insurance claims. It is very helpful to consumers in terms of saving money as well as time.

Esurance Management
Gary Tolman – President & CEO
Chris Henn – Managing Director, Insurance Operations
Jonathan Adkisson – Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer
Phil Swift – Managing Director, Chief Information Officer
John Swigart – Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer

Esurance Profile
Employees: 1000
2004 revenue: 201.3 million

Necessity of Esurance and its Consumer Benefits
It is the policy of the company to provide a good customer satisfaction. It is a technology that is highly representative of a personal way of doing business, though some people refer to it as old fashioned.

Convenience Maximized
Esurance is a site that has received many accolades, since its launch, and soon became one of the top rated sites of the nation. This site is very convenient and an ideal site, for all those who would like to shop, search and buy their auto insurance on the internet. Since most of the quotes are available on line, it becomes very easy for the customers to get the different price estimates, and also helps to get the price estimates just as the matter of a click. Once the customer makes a purchase of the insurance policy, their insurance cards are received by them within a few moments. This online site has in many ways reduced the different hazards that are involved in the process that is involved with the process of making a verification of the driving records, different claims history and also information on real time consumer report. The online site is very much user friendly and the customer can make changes in the policies, at any desired time. In case the insurance card is lost, a copy can always be available in this site. This site helps to save many sheets of paper every year, by making available many online documents, accepting clams for minor reports and also processing many documents online.

Perennial Customer Service & Claims Handling
Esurance is an online site that has the main aim of customer satisfaction, and keeping this objective in mind that it has a 24 hours customer handling facility, that is available 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year.

The company accepts minor claims through its online site; hence the needs of the customers are fulfilled very fast. The claims are addressed at the earliest and the company receives very good feedbacks from the highly satisfied customers. This company makes many endeavors to make their work environment friendly and for this purpose, the hybrid claims vehicles are employed in places where they are available.

Premium Savings to suit your needs
The main aim of Esurance has always been to reduce the operating cost, thereby making it more profitable for the company. The profits that are earned by the company due to the savings in operating costs are distributed among the customers, in the form of discounts, or at rates that are more affordable for the company. Therefore, all methods and technologies are deployed so that costs are reduced and profits are distributed among the customers. The company also endeavors to make the rates of insurance, highly competitive, and in order to achieve this makes constant refinement in its policies of underwriting. In the recent times Esurance has been able to create its segmented pricing and underwriting programs that is usually based on general attributes.

Informed Consumers
Esurance lays a lot of importance on the education of the consumers and believes that consumer education is an integral part of any corporate houses and it has been observed that the consumers remain unaware and ignorant and in the process make many unnecessary purchases of coverage. In order to make the customers aware about the policies, before making a purchase for them, Esurance has developed an effective system of an online Learning Center. It provides help to the consumers in comprehensive and plain insurance application that is easy to understand and learn. In these applications there are many articles that lay stress on safe driving, about insurance awareness and also environment stewardship. Besides this, if the customer desires, there is help available from many counselors, who shall provide you with all information, with the help of an interactive tool that helps the customers to make a choice about that insurance coverage policy.

Methodologies of Technology
Esurance makes all efforts to make advancements in technology, and in order to implement this, many new initiatives are being implemented. This year saw the implementation of the Policy Administration system that has a major role in the tracking of the transactional history of activities of different policies. As per this solution, there has been an implementation of pipeline pattern designs that lays stress on the service oriented architecture. There is a newly re architected system of correspondence, that provides a dynamic system of e-mail facility, the facility which besides delivering e-mails helps also in the tracking and managing them for customer satisfaction. This company is currently making a transition from its ASP/VB/COM+ platform to the Microsoft.NET technology. This technology is supported by the MS SQL server.

Esurances has many plans and policies for the coming year that require to be implemented. The first implementations referred to as Smart Flow and have already been through the sales agents force, through the different Internal Sales applications. The frame work of Smartflow makes implementation of the Front Controller designer pattern that lays an emphasis on SOA. There are many web site applications of this product that helps to adapt the customer input, and helps to personalize the experience of each of the user.

Esurance is a company that is totally devoted to customer satisfaction and for this purpose of safeguarding the interest of the customer is given the prime importance. All efforts are made so that the information of the customer is well protected. Adequate security is taken with the help of security sockets layers and data encryption techniques. The database of the customer is well distributed and mirrored for both the purpose of scalability and safety.

Insurance and the offerings of Esurance
Esurance is a subsidiary company of the White Mountains Insurance Group, which is a leading publicly related financial services company. The company is highly committed to excel in different kinds of insurance practices, along with a lot of rigorous financial discipline and also with a pride of ownership. As per the ratings of A.M Best, the underwriting companies of Esurance, the Esurance Insurance Company, and the Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company are provided with a rating of A. The financial strength of the company as well as the strong backing of the company suggests that the customers of the company can count on the coverage from Esurance.