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Horrible LTC Claim Handling - CNA Review

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Horrible LTC Claim Handling

My 91-year-old mother has had a CNA LTC policy since 1989 and has continued to pay high premiums from her small retirement income despite premium increases, all so she could protect her independence as she aged. She now needs a limited amount of in-home care (we\'re down to an hour a day to try to make do)to supplement help from family. Her medical conditions clearly trigger the policy and the care is covered. After 5 months of filing claims and supplying repeated copies of the requested paperwork, CNA is still stalling and now again requesting paperwork I have actually reviewed with them over the phone in past months, so I know it is in their file. They seem to be waiting for her to die in the hope that the claim will die with her. I\'m an elder law attorney and have helped clients with LTC claims with multiple insurers in the past. Never have I encountered such poor claims handling and such an egregious display of bad faith toward an elderly insured. We will not give up, but my mom would have done so by now without an advocate. I echo the experiences of many expressed in the ratings on this site. CNA\'s behavior is shameful.

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