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Every Rep Gives Me Different Answers - CNA Review

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Every Rep Gives Me Different Answers

My parents paid CNA thousands in premiums over the years. My mother is now in assisted living with Alzheimers. As of month number 3, no claim has been paid. Their company initially keeps a list of additional items they say they "need", but only ask for 1 at a time... usually every 2 weeks as an excuse to delay paying. Because CNA records their phone calls for quality assurance there is no expectation of privacy on the line. Therefore, I also recorded my conversations with them on the phone. I have recorded conversations with claims reps within a hour of each other, in which the reps provide me with completely opposite information of what's needed to process the claim. I repeatedly send them what they need and they say either they don't have it or need something new. Whenever they ask for a new item, I demand to know why they haven't requested before that date. Their usual response is that they don't know why the previous CNA rep gave me wrong information. I spoke to 3 separate CNA reps...IN A ROW!. The first rep told me 2 items were missing from my mom's facility, the second rep told me they had all the forms and the claim would be processed in 7-10 days, the third rep told me they had all the forms, but needed "additional information" about medicaid that they forgot to ask for and that the claim wasn't being processed. All these conversations are recorded, along with the names of the reps that I spoke to. Every time I ask to speak to the same rep as before, they say they are unavailable. When I told them I received different information from the previous rep, they say it was bad info, but too bad. The last rep told me they even though it was their mistake not obtaining the medicaid information, the clock started over again for me and would be anywhere from 10-30 days to process. These are initial stall tactics to keep your money and deny claims. CNA's policy to its workers are to deny and keep the confusion level high in order to get people to give up. There is no other reason why 3 employees would all have separate information except for the fact that they are told to make it up.

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