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Terrible Long Term Care - CNA Review

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Terrible Long Term Care

My mother paid her yearly premium since 1997 in good faith that this would be a pleasant experience when she needed long term care. I have never had a WORSE customer service experience. I had to call repeatedly to give them the information they needed to approve the claim. Each time it was something different, each time a different answer. I could never speak to the same person or the person that was processing the claim. My mother had more than met her 90 day deductible having been on hospice for one year. Every step was complicated, they needed every notes taken on her from the hospice personnel for the last year. My mother case was cut and dry. I finally hired a full time nursing staff and paid out of pocket before they would consider my mother eligible. She died ten days later. During the last 10 days of my mother life I spent on the phone arguing with CNA in fear that I would deplete her assets and not get approval. I had submitted the paperwork 6 months before. Very resentful that I should have been spending quality time with my mom those last 10 days instead of screaming on the phone with CNA!

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