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CNA Insurance made its beginning a 100 years ago in the business of insurance. It has developed a great deal over the years, but all the way it has been able to maintain its long and proud tradition. The history of the company is a history of rich heritage, of service growth and financial health. Over all the years we have been able to maintain a strong relationship with different business partners and customers. Today the company is the 7th largest insurer of the United States, providing protection to more than a million business houses and professionals. The company has its headquarters in Chicago and many other offices all over the United States. There are many employees of the company, who are exerts in their own fields, and are able to provide a wide range of services, in order to minimize losses and make settlement claims very quickly. We have a key measure of success, and have high value products and services that are provided to all our customers.

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Most of the decisions that are taken by us are a result of core values, and which consists of a brilliant combination of diversity, customer focus and team work. The staff is highly committed to all these values, thus enabling themselves to support good relationships with customers and distributors that help to retain a good customer base. The organization has a good financial rating that is provided by many rating agencies. In the year 2005 there was annual revenue if $ 10 billion, and in the financial year ended 2005, the assets exceeded an amount of $ 58 billion. There has been maintenance of strong balance sheet, with the help of an excellent investment philosophy along with a disciplined evaluation of assets and liabilities.

Today the organization has become one of the trusted names in the industry and has been meeting most of the obligations without any kind of hesitation, by making an offering of new products as business risk change.

CNA Insurance Solutions
We have more than 100 years of experience and are able to make use of this experience, to understand the unique needs of all the customers. We can make excellent partnerships with our agents, by making risk control and claim professionals, so as to have a proper understanding of the risk involved. We have agents spread all over the nation, providing insurance coverage and financial strength of an industry leader. We can make it easy for you to manage the different business risks and make control over all your assets.

CNA Long-Term Care Insurance
We are considered to be a leader in the Long Term care insurance marketplace, providing coverage to all our customers for over 30 years of service. There are a large number of long term care products provided to the employees, in order to make long term protection at group rates. There are several plans and designs that are totally based, on the customer needs.A study has been conducted, to understand the customer needs, so as to make the people make their own investment claims and care decisions, at the same time keeping the premiums at affordable rates.

More About CNA Insurance
We have been in the business since many years, but in the recent times we have entered into the business of property and casualty insurance. We have a long history of leadership but in all the years we have witnessed major setbacks also. We had suffered heavily in 1990, due to the pricing policy, and later diversified in other core areas. There was a leadership change in the year 2002, and were back into insurance excellence, that included the following features.

Strategic Focus.
Our main focus has always been the life, health and reinsurance business. In the recent times the focus has been on commercial property and casualty insurance.

Underwriting Discipline.
We have been able to strengthen most of our controls on the issues of pricing and selection of risks. We have a strong group of excellent underwriters, who help in the process of decision-making.

Balance Sheet Strengthening.
We have acted upon a comprehensive assessment of different revenue reserves. The company has also been able to add a new rigor to the process of revenue reserves.

New Leadership and Technical Talent.
We have a bunch of talented leaders and team with great technical talent. Experienced and skilled professionals run our organization.

Management Information.
There are many multiple, non-compatible systems that help in the tracking the performance of a business. The system is a centralized one and provides business metrics to the agency level.

Expense Management.
We have been able to introduce many aggressive, multi step expense reduction plans, so that we have a generated savings of $250 million and more.

Strong Ratings.
We have been rated as A, by A.M. Best and has been provided on the basis of financial strength. These ratings prove that we deal with many legacy reserve issues, and back up its balance sheet, with an excellent capital plan.

Solid Financial Condition.
We have strong financial position, with a low debt equity ratio. Our investment portfolio is also conservative.

CNA Insurance Going Forward
Today the company is in the best of financial position and strength. It has diversified itself in great heights, in order to meet the growing needs and demands of the customers, all across the United States. It has a very strong foundation base, and most of the leadership is based and focused on certain qualities of discipline, professional claim handling and other features. It has been more than 100 years since we are in the business, but our focus has always been the same. We are highly committed to all our customers, distributors as well as business partner. Our aim has always been to move forward and make excellent track records of success.

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Unpaid Bills

 by Anonymous

CNA has gone 6 weeks without paying my home nurse. They consistently loose faxed in time sheets, then claim they never received the fax, even though your fax says they did, then they refused to expedite the checks, even though a supervisor in their own customer service department asked them to!

Unprofessional and difficult

 by Anonymous

My experience in getting a claim resolved was extremely poor. They don't do e-mail. The claims handler was unprofessional and handled communication poorly.

Slow Reimbursement

 by Anonymous

Getting CNA Long Term Care to pay my husband's bills is a nightmare. They ceased his waiver of premium benefit even though he had two unpaid bills. There is always a form missing or not filled out correctly as a reason for non-payment even though they are billed consistently every month. I spend many hours on the phone getting the run-around from CNA. Reimbursement is taking three months even though they say they process in 10-14 days.

Insurance USA , USA 4.5 127.0 83 83 this company is out of compliance processing claims on a regular basis. Jim, elizabeth, gail and others in the claims dept. just don't care and even laughed at me. No one ever gets