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Unprofessional Claims Adjuster - Cincinnati Review

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Unprofessional Claims Adjuster

I was involved in an auto accident, the other driver was at fault. The claims adjuster was horrible. Unprofessional, abrupt, and rude. He had my car towed to a salvage yard before I transferred title to the Company. He called me regarding medical treatment and began suggesting treatments...without a medical license. When he dropped off the check for pay off of my car, he then contacted underwriting and told them we were 'running a dog rescue' out of our house. He defined our adopted rescue dogs as running a dog rescue. Once I explained this to the agent, she immediately knew he misconstrued the situation. I believe he did this in retaliation, as I had called the Corporate office since he had not contacted me about my claim and pay out for over a month. I may have had a better experience with another claims adjuster, but at this point, I would not refer anyone to Cincinnati Insurance.

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  • 2.7 coverage
  • 2.4 cost
  • 2.4 service
  • 2.3 claims
  • 2.5 overall rating

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