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Refuse to Cover Accident Damages - Cincinnati Review

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Refuse to Cover Accident Damages

A client of The Cincinnati Insurance Company rammed the passenger side of my car with her car. I was immediately deemed not at fault. The incident was reported to The Cincinnati Insurance Company. It took 9 days for them to even begin the process of fulfilling their obligations. I had to file a report with the Ohio DOI. When I felt that they were simply going to let the claim ride, I contacted a lawyer. They nearly allowed me to file suit against their client. They displayed lack of concern and their agents were rude. After many threats and days on the phone trying to reach a supervisor, an agent was finally sent to my house to evaluate the damage. I was on foot for 9 days after the wreck because my car was not safe to drive and The Cincinnati Insurance Company would not acknowledge the claim. I was not about to go through my policy, this was the first time in over twenty years of driving, that I had been involved in a wreck. To go through my policy meant a claim against a perfect record and that was not happening. They did provide me a rental for a brief period of time. The amount they provided to cover my totaled car was under blue-book value and they were firm in their offer. I love my car, which over the past 3 years has been totally restored from the ground up, over $1000.00 recently spent on suspension upgrades, with receipts to prove it. Prior to this incident my car never had a single issue, it had a clean title, & had never been involved in a wreck. I bought my car back from The Cincinnati Insurance Company, as I can repair it. I needed a rental for an additional 2 weeks in order to repair my car & to get a salvaged title, which is a very long process in the state I live in. I carry full coverage insurance that covers a rental for 30 days should my car be totaled. The Cincinnati Insurance Company denied my request for a rental, stating that is not how they do things and that I should have just gone through my policy if I expected them to provide me 2 more weeks in the rental because it wasn't happening. So here I am without a car and barely able to afford all the licensing fees and repairs to my car, let alone buy another car. I have concluded after speaking with my insurance company that these people are allotted a certain amount of money for each claim. When money is saved the agent gets a percentage of the saved money. The Cincinnati Insurance Company is not at all concerned about the lousy service they provide and they are extremely greedy. I urge anyone who has been a victim of one of their clients to simply file the claim with their own insurance company if they carry full coverage. It is not worth all the hassle. If you are considering using them for any type of insurance policy, I urge you to proceed with cation, as was previously stated I nearly had to sue their client because it took them 9 days to even start the claim process. No insurance company should place a paying client in the position to be sued.

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