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An insurance company's contractual agreement is for accidents and occurrences. Its not a maintenance contract. I hate how people think they can let their roof go for 30 years, and just because storm happens to blow through, they think the insurance company should replace the whole thing. Stop being a slum and repair your own roof. You are the people making us responsible homeowners pay more for our premiums. Also, it doesn't matter which insurance company the 'other driver' who hit you has. There is a contract between the 'other driver' and the insurance company which states: "Driver pays $x in premium, insurance company pays $z if there is an accident. If that 'other driver' was too cheap to buy decent limits, It's not the insurance company's job to pay you for all of your medical bills/property damage. You have to sue the other driver, or make an under-insured motorists claim with your own insurance company. Your insurance score is not the same as your credit score. It takes into other factors like driving record, criminal record, claims history, credit score, and many other things. You can have an 800 credit score, but if you're a bad person, or have a criminal record, (theft, dishonesty, violence, drugs, DUIs), you will most likely have a low (high) insurance score.

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