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Orthonet is Terrible - Cigna Review

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Orthonet is Terrible

Orthonet will not talk to you but yet they feel it is right to deny physical therapy to a 17 year old child so that she can miss school and stay in bed related to severe headaches that can be treated with physical therapy. Cigna blames them and they blame Cigna. Oh boy got letter 7 of 12 sessions denied a couple of days later 9 of 12 denied. When questioned need progress notes. how can you show progress with first visit evaluation and then had to wait 2 weeks for approval to get the agreed 3 of 12 (minus one for eval) and provide progress. Although plan provides 120 sessions a year. Try getting 6 NOT. It is better for them to give a child injections in the head and drug up at night and hope they can preform and go to school. Of course to discuss and invite for someone to see child they say we need progress notes. How do you progress when they don\'t give time. Oh right it is Cigna issue not Orthonet which a lot of PT systems here in mid-west refuse to work with since so ridiculous. Wish they had an active child resorted to bed and see how happy they would be. Maybe the overworked employees whom are told to approve 3 so they can stay employed could open their eyes and see how unrealistic they are. Maybe they need to refund me all my premiums since i must pay out of pocket for help even though I pay for insurance.

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