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Recklessly Bad - Cigna Review

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Recklessly Bad

It's discouraging to see so many of the reviews on this site perfectly echoing my own experience with Cigna medical insurance... I, too, had the occasional "issue" with previous insurers but was accustomed to things running fairly smoothly overall. With Cigna (even with one of the very best policies they offer), no fewer than 75% of my claims get rejected/"adjusted" for inane & frivolous reasons (counting on my becoming exhausted & giving up -- sorry, guys: won't be happening with THIS client), our CCC's have had to be re-submitted every few months as they are routinely "lost" (so all incoming claims are flat-out denied until we restart the "fax me personally at this number and I will fix it immediately" b.s.-cycle), customer service is almost universally dismal (the **occasional** thoughtful & patient rep will admit that even THEY don't know what's going on), the website ( is circa 1998 & provides outdated info on "covered" providers when it provides anything at all... And I could unfortunately go on (to wit: please do NOT get me started on their mandatory "specialty-care" pharmacy "service" -- it is laughable). We're trapped with this coverage due to employer issues, and while I'm grateful for insurance in general, I have never dealt with aggravation on this level with ANY other service provider -- Cigna is disgraceful.

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  • 1.5 overall rating

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